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You’re going to find many bits and pieces during your time in Chicago. Whether it's from a building you ransack, or the pockets of someone you’ve just killed, there’s more to be found than just money and guns. Here are some of the items floating around the streets of Chicago.

Equipping weapons and items[edit]

Weapons and items can be viewed and equipped from the inventory tab of the character sheet. Mousing over (or highlighting on the controller) the inventory slots will show you the equipped items stats.

Manual Gangsters items.png

Clicking into the item will show you a list of items you have obtained that can be equipped in that slot. To equip the weapon, click it and select ‘Take from Storage’. If a weapon is already in use by another gangster in your crew, their face will appear beside it, like Gibby’s handsome mug in the picture below.

Manual Gangsters items 2.png

Weapon types[edit]

Equipping your gangsters with the right tools for the job is invaluable. There are a variety of weapons and items available for use in combat in Empire of Sin, which can have six types of rarity, ranging from Common to Legendary. Most importantly, there are six variety of fire-arms, each with their own strengths and limitations:

  • Handguns: These are your secondary weapons, and range from high damage revolvers, to low damage but high crit-chance semi-automatic pistols.
  • Shotguns: Primarily a primary weapon type, Shotguns feature the only non-handgun secondary in the form of the Short-Barreled Shotgun. Shotguns offer a unique opportunity with their special ‘Shotgun Blast’ action, a very powerful area-of-effect shot.
  • Submachine Guns: The iconic mobster weapon, the Submachine Gun’s basic fire action will shoot a burst of three rounds at the target, with each round dealing individual damage. Difficult to wield, all Submachine Guns suffer from an inherent Marksmanship penalty.
  • Rifles: Rifles offer flexibility with huge damage and inherent armor damage. Not as powerful or as costly to use as its bigger brother, the Sniper Rifle, the hunting and combat rifles you’ll encounter are fantastic at mid to long range fights. Perfect for open ground street fights.
  • Heavy Machine Guns: The Heavy Machine Gun type offers incredibly high fire power and inherent armor damage, with the standard Fire action firing a burst of 5 rounds at the target. However, all HMG cost 2AP to fire, meaning you’ll need to get into position before being able to unload a volley of death at your target of choice. There’s also a hefty penalty to your Marksmanship due to their unwieldy nature.
  • Sniper Rifles: Not much survives a direct hit from one of these monsters (unless they’re wearing body armor, of course). Delivering death from afar, the Sniper Rifle will allow you to keep your distance while delivering devastating attacks. An almost guaranteed one shot on all but the toughest enemies, Sniper Rifles chew through armor like tissue, leaving heavily armoured enemies exposed. The catch? Sniper Rifles are almost useless in short to mid range fights, suffering a large Marksmanship penalty the closer you are to the target. They are also expensive to fire with a cost of 2AP for their basic Fire action.

Effective range[edit]

Weapon's chance to perform better based on its effective range of shot
Point-blank Close Medium Long Very long Point-blank
1 +30% +25% +5% −20% −40% +40% +40% +50%
2 +25% +20% +6% −17% −35% +30% +30% +40%
3 +20% +20% +6% −14% −30% +20% +20% +30%
4 +10% +8% −11% −25% +10% +20%
5 +10% +10% −8% −20% +10%
6 +5% +10% −5% −15%
7 +8% −10% −20%
8 −5% +6% −20% −10%
9 −5% +6% −20% −10% −10%
10 −10% +5% −25% −20% −10%
11 −10% −5% −25% −20% −10%
12 −15% −5% +5% −25% −25% −20%
13 −15% −5% +5% −30% −25% −20%
14 −20% −10% +5% −30% −30% −20%
15 −20% −10% −5% +5% +5% −30% −30% −25%
16 −25% −10% −5% +5% +5% −35% −35% −25%
17 −25% −20% −5% +5% +5% −35% −35% −25%
18 −25% −20% −10% +5% +5% −35% −35% −30%
19 −30% −20% −10% +5% +5% −45% −45% −30%
20 −30% −25% −10% +10% +10% −45% −45% −30%
21 −30% −25% −20% +10% +10% −45% −45% −35%
22 −30% −25% −20% +10% +15% −50% −50% −35%
23 −30% −30% −20% +10% +20% −50% −50% −35%
24 −30% −30% −25% +10% +25% −50% −50% −45%
25 −30% −30% −25% +10% +30% −50% −50% −50%
Weapon's increased damage outcome based on its effective range of shot
1 +15% +15% +15%
2 +10% +10% +15%
3 +5% +5% +10%
4 +5% +10%
5 +5%
6 +5%


Melee Description
Weapon Melee Stiletto.png Stiletto Knife Well balanced and deadly sharp. Stick the pointy end in your target and twist. It couldn't be simpler.
Weapon Melee BrassKnuckles.png Brass Knuckles One bad punch can break someone's hand. Brass knuckles remove that possibility and add the benefit of hurting the other guy even more.
Weapon Melee Crowbar.png Crowbar Specifically engineered for tugging, pulling, and yanking, a crowbar can also be swung at high speeds. Break in and fight the guards, all with the same tool.
Weapon Melee PoliceBaton.png Police Baton The versatile police baton is the ideal tool for the law enforcement officer of today.
Weapon Melee CutThroatRazor.png Cut Throat Razor The cut throat razor is best suited for those who prefer discreet, close-up work.
Weapon Melee LeadPipe.png Lead Pipe A reliable blunt instrument that renders your foes speechless. Because you'll have smashed them in the face. With a pipe. Warning: May contain traces of lead.
Weapon Melee BowieKnife.png Bowie Knife The Bowie Knife may be the terrifying big brother of the standard knife, but it works the same. Slash and stab is the operating procedure.
Weapon Melee MeatCleaver.png Meat Cleaver The meat cleaver is the perfect tool for some truly gruesome fighting.
Weapon Melee Sledgehammer.png Sledgehammer Nothing hammers the point home like the Sledgehammer. Demolish the opposition with every swing.
Weapon Melee Machete.png Machete A devastating blade that is sure to leave your mark on the enemy. Anyone lucky enough to survive a blow will carry the memory in their brutal scars.
Weapon Melee BaseballBat.png Baseball Bat Resilient, reliable and easy to use in anyone's hands. The Baseball Bat is a fan favorite with Mobsters and Thugs.
Weapon Melee NailBat.png Nail Bat A modified version of the classic baseball bat. Add some nails and channel your inner Babe Ruth. Swing away!
Weapon Melee TrenchKnife.png Trench Knife Designed for the close, muddy quarters of the Great War trenches, this knife is used to getting up close and personal when things get dirty.
Weapon Melee Axe.png Axe There's a reason the axe has been used since the dark ages, one well placed swing and it's lights out for good.
Weapon Melee Hammer.png Hammer Discreet and easy to hide, the small head can deliver a neat punchy impact to a designated area, like fingers.
Weapon Thrown Knife.png Throwing Knife A balanced blade, perfect for throwing.


Explosives Rarity Description
Weapon Explosive MK2Grenade.png MK2 Grenade Common The standard-issue anti-personnel hand grenade of the U.S. forces. The MK2 explodes in a blast of metal fragments, showering the surrounding area in shrapnel.
Weapon Explosive Stielhandgranate1917.png M17 Stielhandgranate Uncommon The unique handle of the M17 Stielhandgranate allows it to be thrown over a greater distance.
Weapon Explosive Dynamite.png Dynamite Stick Uncommon Mainly used for mining, construction, and demolition, the humble dynamite stick has paved the way for American industry for more than sixty years. Easy to use and extremely effective, dynamite is an essential tool for a business's expansion.
Weapon Explosive DynamiteBundle.png Dynamite Bundle Uncommon Tightly bound together, this bundle of dynamite increases the explosive power of the standard dynamite stick. It's ideal for use on stubborn doors or people who didn't get the message the first time. Just make sure to stand farther back when using it.
Weapon Explosive DynamiteStack.png Dynamite Stack Rare Adding even more dynamite sticks to the bundle creates a stack of dynamite. The dynamite stack has increased explosive power and is sure to open even the most secure of doors and vaults of Chicago.
Weapon Explosive StenderGrenade.png Stender Grenade Rare Hard to come by, and difficult to escape. The hexagonal Russian grenade is a rare and devastating sight on the streets of Chicago.
Weapon Explosive MillsBomb.png Mills Bomb Rare A defensive grenade type, the Mills Bomb explodes in a wide cloud of tiny fragmentation pieces, wounding anyone caught in the blast.
Weapon Explosive DiscusGrenade.png Discus Grenade Rare Due to the unusual construction of the Discus Grenade, it generates a small but deadly blast radius on impact. Perfect for removing single targets.
Weapon Explosive F1Grenade.png F1 Grenade Rare Introduced by the French army early in the Great War, it replaced its initial percussion based ignition plug with an automatic one for greater, more devastating effects. Bring a taste of continental Europe to Chicago streets.
Weapon Explosive SatchelCharge.png Satchel Charge Common A parcel of dynamite and detonator all wrapped up in a neat little package. Give your enemies a real special delivery.

Projectile weapons[edit]


Main article: Handguns
Name Description
Weapon Handgun CultPolicePositiveSpecial.png .38 Revolver The .38 Revolver is popular with law enforcement agencies and one of the most common sidearms in Chicago. It's an easy-to-carry, lightweight revolver, perfect for everyday use.
Weapon Handgun SW38.png Single Action Revolver A blend of old and new, the Single Action Revolver sacrifices accuracy for a faster reload enabled by its top-break design. Its small size makes it perfect for concealed carry and a quick draw that won't get caught in the carrier's clothes.
Weapon Handgun Cult1911.png M1911 Pistol Designed for military use, the M1911 provides the stopping power that the .38 revolvers lack. Featuring manageable recoil and large .45 caliber rounds, the M1911 is a popular choice for anyone who needs to ensure that when their target's down, they won't get back up.
Weapon Handgun Vendetta1915.png Model 1915 Pistol The Model 1915 is known for the durability and reliability of its simple design. It made its name as a service pistol for the Italian military during the Great War. Since then, a few of these guns have found their way overseas and onto the streets of Chicago.
Weapon Handgun MauserC96.png Mauser C96 Commonly referred to as the "Broomhandle", the C96 enjoys international fame for its effectiveness and ease of use. The high capacity box magazine means that it's packing more heat than most other pistols on the street.
Weapon Handgun CultNewService.png New Service Revolver The most powerful revolver on the market, the New Service Revolver is a deadly large frame pistol. It enjoyed a jump in popularity following the war, and now there are almost as many New Service Revolvers in civilian hands as in official ones.
Weapon Handgun ZipGun.png Zip Gun This homemade handgun has been welded together from bits of scrap pipe and other odds and ends. Usually found on the corpses of street thugs, these weapons aren't reliable or accurate. But a shot only needs to be lucky once.

Machine guns[edit]

Main article: Machine guns
Name Description
Weapon MachineGun BAR1918.png BAR M1918 Adopted by the U.S. military late in the Great War, the BAR M1918 is an effective light machine gun and was designed to be fired on the move as troops advanced from trench to trench. Now it provides cover fire as Prohibition moves through Chicago.
Weapon MachineGun Chauchut.png Chauchat Machine Gun In the war, the Chauchat earned a reputation for malfunctions and low quality, mostly thanks to the mud and dirt in the trenches. Here in Chicago, there isn't as much mud which means the Chauchat is doing just fine.
Weapon MachineGun LewisGun.png Lewis Gun The Lewis Gun is known for reliability and manageable recoil, able to consistently fire rounds on target in sustained bursts. Anyone who's fired one only has good things to say and is eager to get back behind another one.
Weapon MachineGun Madsen.png Madsen Machine Gun The Madsen Machine Gun was the first to show that the light machine gun wasn't just a fad. It's a top loading gun that's served in a few dozen international militaries, proving its capabilities time and time again.

Submachine guns[edit]

Main article: Submachine guns
Name Description
Weapon SubmachineGun Thompson1921.png M1921 Thompson A submachine gun exceedingly popular with law enforcement and for-hire security forces, the M1921 mixes power and a high rate of fire. It can also be quickly broken down and concealed, perfect for anyone who's trying to bring a gun somewhere they shouldn't be.
Weapon SubmachineGun Thompson1921AC.png Tommy Gun With the addition of a compensator and a 50 round drum, the M1921 Thompson turns into the Tommy Gun, Chicago's most famous typewriter. It's more controllable during sustained fire, making it easier to keep the streets clear of competition.
Weapon SubmachineGun OVP1918.png OVP 1918 The OVP 1918 is one half of the Italian Army's original Villar Perosa double-barreled aircraft submachine gun. It's small, lightweight, fast-firing, and relatively easy to use, making it a weapon well-suited to the streets of Chicago.
Weapon SubmachineGun MP18.png MP 18 Submachine Gun The MP18 is likely the first submachine gun to see real combat in the Great War and was used by the German Army to cover the final advance of a trench assault. There weren't many MP18s that made it to the front lines, but enough did that the gun built a formidable reputation for itself.
Weapon SubmachineGun VendettaM1918.png BM-1918 The BM-1918 is the other half of the project to split the double-barreled Villar Perosa machine gun into a shoulder-fired submachine gun. Like its OVP cousin, it's small, lightweight, and fast-firing, a natural inclusion in the criminal underworld.


Main article: Rifles
Name Description
Weapon Rifle Salvage99.png SM-99 Rifle The SM-99 is a lever action rifle that offers the shooter accuracy, dependability, value, and is ideal for hunting big game. Perfect balance, lightning fast lever action, and unstoppable power create a savage combination for a great rifle.
Weapon Rifle Winston1895.png Model 1895 Rifle The Model 1895 is one of the final rifles of the lever action era, mixing modern pointed bullets and the old school lever. It's shorter and lighter than other rifles in its class, which gives it a harsher recoil, but it's nothing a determined marksman can't handle.
Weapon Rifle Remmy8.png Model 8 Rifle One of the first semi-automatic rifles ever made commercially available, the Model 8 is ahead of its time, if a little complicated to disassemble. But as long as it's together, it's a great rifle to have at anyone's side.
Weapon Rifle Gewehr98.png Gewehr 98 The Gewehr 98 is durable, inexpensive, fast, accurate, and powerful. Its design was even copied by the U.S. designers to make the M1903. For drawn-out engagements where reliability is key, there's nothing better than the Gewehr 98.

Sniper rifles[edit]

Main article: Sniper rifles
Name Description
Weapon Sniper SpringfieldM1903.png M1903 Sniper Rifle The M1903 is the gold standard in American bolt-action rifles. Very few have found their way into private hands, but when they do, they're coveted for their reliability and accuracy. They're kept as both trophies and as weapons.
Weapon Sniper Enfield1917 Scope.png M1917 Enfield The "Workhorse" of the United States Army during the war, the M1917 remains a favorite amongst marksmen. A number of these rifles have been repurposed and can be purchased through various channels.
Weapon Sniper SMLE.png SMLE Sniper Rifle The SMLE is the bolt-action rifle that served as the main firearm used by the British Empire during the war. One of the most widely produced rifles in the world, many gangsters seek to employ these powerful weapons on the streets.
Weapon Sniper Salvage99 Scope.png SM-99 Scoped Rifle This version of the SM-99 lever-action rifle has been equipped with a scope, giving it all the advantages of the regular S-99 while dramatically increasing a shooter's range and accuracy.
Weapon Sniper Winston1895 Scope.png Model 1895 Scoped Rifle An updated version of the M1895. The scope extends the effective range of the rifle, allowing for increased accuracy over long ranges. Keep assailants farther away without reducing your ability to fight them.
Weapon Sniper MosinM91.png Mosin–Nagant Imperial Russia's entry in the ongoing modernization of bolt-action rifles, the Mosin-Nagant has seen action everywhere that Russian troops have and then some. It's accurate, powerful, easy to maintain, and it's found its way to Chicago.


Main article: Shotguns
Name Description
Weapon Shotgun ShortBarreled.png Short Barreled Shotgun The Short-Barreled Shotgun is the perfect home defender. Easy to conceal around the house and meant for close range fighting, the short barrel creates a wider spread. No burglar will escape your shot.
Weapon Shotgun Remmy10.png Model 10 Shotgun The Model 10 Shotgun is mainly reserved for federal agents, but is also highly sought after by private collectors. A variant of the shotgun was designed for the trenches of the Great War and included a shortened barrel and bayonet lug.
Weapon Shotgun BrownAuto5.png Auto-5 Shotgun The Auto-5 shotgun is named for its semi-automatic action and 4+1 magazine capacity. Its square receiver has earned the shotgun the nickname "Humpback" and the distinctive shape allows the shooter's eyes to line up directly on the sights.
Weapon Shotgun WinstonModel12.png Model 1912 Shotgun A step up from the earlier Model 1897, the Model 12 Shotgun helped solidify the reputation of pump-action shotguns. It's a smooth operating, heavy hitting shotgun that's seen military action overseas and illegal action here at home.
Weapon Shotgun Sjogren.png Sjögren Inertia The Sjögren Intertia is a semi-automatic shotgun that relies on recoil to operate. When fired, the block on top slides back, ejecting the shell, then slides forward, loading a new one. It's weird looking for sure, but that doesn't make the shot hurt any less.


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