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When it comes to law enforcement, the police are just another gang you gotta deal with. While you cannot declare war or request a sitdown with the police, you can discuss things in much the same way you can with other factions.

Police behaviour is determined on a per precinct level. It is affected by two modifiers: police relationship and police activity.

Police relationship[edit | edit source]

Police relationship shows how active the police are in a precinct. Certain buildings will affect police relationship both positively and negatively. A low relationship number indicates that police are not meddling in a precinct, so the player has more freedom.

The police relationship value is effectively a mirror of the police faction rating. This gives a scale of -50 to 50, where -50 is good, because it would indicate that police are not very active in this precinct.

Police activity[edit | edit source]

Police activity can be viewed from on the precinct screen. It represents how visible the police are in a precinct. It ranges between 0% - 100% and is a combination of two variables: the police relationship value and the total criminal activity in the neighbourhood (racket activity and combat).

The higher this value is, the less money rackets make (due to the visible police presence discouraging customers). Higher police activity will also increase the chance of police raids in the precinct. Although police raids can be quite a threat, their low chance of happening means the police's main effect on the player materializes in the form of a passive income debuff. This effectively makes the police a constant, even if somewhat minor, issue that the player must address.

Income reduction[edit | edit source]

For each 5 points of police activity, income generated by rackets in the precinct is reduced by 1% (with a max reduction of 20%).

Police raid chance[edit | edit source]

Police raid chance is calculated on a weekly basis and requires the presence of rackets generating "police activity" in the precinct. If no valid rackets exist then a raid chance will not be calculated.

If a raid is generated, then a random valid racket is selected to be raided. The week following the raid, the raid chance is reduced by 10%, which then declines by 2% each week, this ensures that there will be no raid for at least one week after a raid.

Police activity Raid chance
91 - 100 10%
81 - 90 8%
71 - 80 6%
61 - 70 4%
51 - 60 2%
0 - 50 0%

Police activity modifiers[edit | edit source]

The criminal activity in the neighbourhood is divided into two types of modifiers: fixed and decaying.

  • Fixed modifiers: Building rackets permanently affects police activity as does the faction relationship between the precinct owner and the police.
  • Decaying modifiers: Combat in general will increase police presence on a temporary basis, allowing economic warfare. The temporary effects will decay steadily every 7 days.

The fixed modifiers remain at the same value until the state that triggered them no longer exists. Rackets provide fixed increases (increased further by upgrading them). These can be reduced by upgrading the racket's deflect branch. Aside from the deflect upgrades, players can build specific improvement buildings in precincts to reduce police activity in those precincts.

Police diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Main article: Diplomacy

The player can use diplomacy actions to bribe the police to reduce their activity in precincts or to co-oprate by providing protection.

When it comes to diplomacy, the cops are just another gang you gotta deal with. While you cannot declare war or request a sitdown with the police, you can discuss things in much the same way you can with other factions. The police have their own unique options available to discuss:

  • Bribe to Improve Relations: Kick the cops some money in the hopes they’ll take a shine to you.
  • Turn a Blind Eye for $X: With a high enough standing with the police, you can pay them a large sum of money in order to turn a blind eye to your criminal activities in a specific area. Only 1 neighborhood can be ignored at once.
  • Request 6 Months Protection for $X: If the cops are amenable to you, you can pay them to protect your rackets for a period of time.
  • Clean Slate: For a large sum, the police can be bribed to release incarcerated members of your crew.
  • Shop: Some top notch gear is available at an additional cost of relationship deterioration
Manual diplomacy police.png