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Empire of Sin
DLC Empire of Sin.png Empire of Sin

Patches and hotfixes are free updates for Empire of Sin, though there they are different in purpose:

  • Patches fix many bugs and/or implement balance tweaks. They are sometimes released alongside a new, major DLC; when this occurs a portion of the DLC's features are usually shipped as part of the coinciding free patch, thus made available to anyone who has the base game.
  • Hotfixes are very small updates to the game that usually fix only a few bugs and may contain a few changes to the gameplay as well. Hotfixes are commonly released shortly after major patches to fix any unforeseen bugs that came with the previous update, or independently to fix newly-discovered bugs or exploits.

Version history[edit | edit source]

Version Date Notes
1.0.5 2021-05-20 Patch
1.0.4 2021-03-17 Patch
1.0.3 2021-02-08 Bugfix
1.0.2 2020-12-09 Hotfix
1.0.1 2020-12-03 Hotfix
1.0 2020-12-01 Release version

References[edit | edit source]