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Make it Count

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Release date / Patch

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Make it Count is the 1st expansion for Empire of Sin. It was announced on 2021-05-21[1] and is planned to be released alongside the free Precinct update.

Expansion features[edit]

Make It Count will introduce boss Maxim Zelnick and his gangsters, the ‘Fixers’:

  • Maxim Zelnick - Play as the ‘Mob's Accountant,’ a boss that excels at economics and creates synergy in combat. He uses his smooth-talking to "make peace" with money and connections.
  • ‘The Fixers’ - Five gangsters are up for hire, bringing their loan sharking Racket and combat abilities. This Racket unlocks Blackmail over other characters and factions.
  • A string of missions that tell the story of Zelnick and the Fixers, unlocking game features like Loan Sharking, and more.
  • New rackets, new abilities, new gangsters and new missions- more details to come!

Free features[edit]

The free major Precinct update includes:

  • Precincts - Each neighborhood will be split into smaller precincts that are controlled by you and other major factions.
  • Depot - This is the precinct control building: own the depot, own the precinct.
  • Supply lines - Set you supply lines with adjoining precincts, which if not managed strategically, can have adverse effects that ripple throughout your empire.
  • Precinct screen - Somewhere to get acquainted with your new precinct layout and ways to improve them.
  • Police - Many factors will influence how active the police are in a certain precinct.
  • Modding - Starting from "The Precinct", modding support will be gradually rolling out into the game. Starting with phase 1, the modders among you can work on text-based assets like Lua gameplay scripts, with more modding capabilities planned for the future.


Cinematic trailers[edit]

'Empire of Sin: Make it Count announcement trailer. The expansion will introduce boss Maxim Zelnick and his gangsters, “the Fixers." Play through a string of missions telling the story of Zelnick and the Fixers, unlocking game features like the Loan Sharking Racket, and more.

Dev diaries[edit]

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All developer diaries about the Make it Count expansion and the Precinct update.

No. Title and Link Description Date
29 Building a Bespoke Brawler It takes all sorts of criminals to build an underworld. 2021-06-29
28 The Precinct Update Sneak Peek Painting the map - with precincts! 2021-05-20