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You’re going to find many bits and pieces during your time in Chicago. Whether it's from a building you ransack, or the pockets of someone you’ve just killed, there’s more to be found than just money and guns. You can find all sorts of strange and wonderful items as you progress, and all of them are useful. They could help restore health, protect you, bring you good fortune or may just be a damn useful piece of equipment. Here are some of the items floating around the streets of Chicago.

Equipping weapons and items[edit | edit source]

Weapons and items can be viewed and equipped from the inventory tab of the character sheet. Mousing over (or highlighting on the controller) the inventory slots will show you the equipped items stats.

Manual Gangsters items.png

Clicking into the item will show you a list of items you have obtained that can be equipped in that slot. To equip the weapon, click it and select ‘Take from Storage’. If a weapon is already in use by another gangster in your crew, their face will appear beside it, like Gibby’s handsome mug in the picture below.

Manual Gangsters items 2.png

Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor Rarity Effects Description
Armor 01 CottonPaddedVest.png Cotton Padded Vest Common +10 Defense Thick enough layers of cotton padding can stop a wide variety of pistol caliber bullets, which gives gangsters an inexpensive, effective way to protect themselves during a shootout with law enforcement.
Armor 02 SilkPaddedVest.png Silk Padded Vest Uncommon +20 Defense The bullet-stopping power of silk was originally utilized by European nobility in the 19th century. Now it's being used by Chicago gangsters as a lighter bulletproof vest that doesn't impair mobility or sacrifice effectiveness.
Armor 03 MetalLinedWaistcoat.png Metal Lined Waistcoat Uncommon +30 Defense This waistcoat has had metal plates sewn into the lining to cater to the gangster who needs to look good at the bar and make a quick stop at the races on their way home.
Armor 04 MetalLinedJacket.png Metal Lined Jacket Rare +40 Defense The Metal Plated Jacket follows the same logic as the lined waistcoat, but steps up the protection. It looks good and it can take a harder punch.
Armor 05 PoliceIssueBodyArmor.png Police Issue Body Armor Rare +50 Defense A suit of police issue body armor is able to stop most of the light and medium powered attacks encountered on the street. It's not made of the same stuff that government agents and soldiers might get, but it'll serve well.
Armor 06 GovernmentIssueBodyArmor.png Government Issue Body Armor Rare +60 Defense As criminals ratcheted up their firepower, law enforcement had to find a way to protect themselves. Now, elite government units have body armor that's strong enough to keep them fighting organized crime.
Armor 07 MilitaryIssueBodyArmor.png Military Issue Armor Epic +70 Armor
  • 50% chance to resist status effects
Every large power in the Great War, and even some of the smaller ones, experimented with some kind of body armor. When the war ended, some of those suits made their way to the stateside black market.

Healing items[edit | edit source]

Healing items Rarity Effects Description
Utility FirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit Common Restore 30 health to the target character. A simple kit capable of treating minor wounds. Nothing fancy, but good to have.
Utility DoctorsBag.png Doctor's Bag Uncommon Restore 50 health to the target character. Everything a respectable doctor could possibly want to keep someone on this side of the soil.
Utility FirstAidKit Large.png Medic's Kit Rare
  • Restore 65 health to the target character
  • Remove 2 negative status effects from the target character.
The biggest and best kit around. It can be used for quick response medical treatment of the most severe wounds, even in cases of near death.
Utility Bandages.png Bandage Common
  • Restore 20 health each round
  • remove 1 negative status effect from the target character.
Wrap up your wounds to stop the bleeding or stem other nasty effects.
Utility HealthTonic.png Health Tonic Common Restore 30 health each round for the next 3 rounds. Sometimes it's best to be proactive with your health. A Health Tonic will keep you at the top of your game during prolonged combat.
Utility HerbalRemedy.png Herbal Remedy Common Restore 25 health, 25 health for the next 4 rounds and grants a 10% chance to resist negative effects. It might sound like ancient hokum, but there's no denying an herbal remedy's results. Keep yourself in the fight and clear-headed for longer.
Utility WizardOil.png Wizard Oil Common 50% chance to resist all negative effects for 3 rounds. Wizard Oil is touted as Chicago's cure-all, healing sore muscles, rheumatism, pneumonia, diphtheria, toothache, and rabies.
Utility SmellingSalts.png Smelling Salts Common Temporarily increase your movement by 5 and initiative by 30 for 2 rounds. Shock yourself into alertness with a quick whiff of smelling salts. Ammonia can do wonders to keep you ahead of the competition.
Utility Bitters.png Dr. Cutter's Bitters Common Temporarily increase your health by 50 and movement by 3 for 2 rounds. Bitters are known to settle the stomach and keep people moving.
Utility NerveTonic.png Nerve Tonic Rare Temporarily reduce the amount of damage taken by 50% for 1 round. Dull the pain nagging at your nerves and keep your mind on the task at hand.
Utility PainKiller.png Painkillers Epic Temporarily reduce the amount of damage taken by 100% for 1 round. Real, medical grade painkillers that will let you ignore the bullet in your arm or knife in your leg.
Utility LinimentTonic.png Liniment Tonic Uncommon Temporarily reduce the chance of negative status effects by 100% for 1 rounds. An all-purpose topical treatment, this tonic is capable of keeping all sorts of afflictions at bay.
Utility AdrenalineShot.png Adrenaline Shot Epic Temporarily gain 1 additional AP, but reduce your AP by 1 for the next 2 rounds. Pump yourself up with a quick boost of epinephrine. Get more done faster, but beware the fall.

Trinkets[edit | edit source]

Trinkets Rarity Effects Description
Influence CigaretteCase.png Brass Cigarette Case Uncommon
  • +10 initiative
  • +3 movement
A unique cigarette case. Holding it makes you feel more confident and alive.
Influence Flask.png Hip Flask Uncommon
  • -5 marksmanship
  • +20 melee
Everyone does their best work when they're a little loose.
BonusItems WarMedal.png War Medal Rare
  • +5 initiative
  • +20% max health
  • +15 loyalty gain
Whether you earned it or stole it, a sense of self-preservation comes with this kind of thing.
BonusItems PairOfWornLeatherGloves.png Driving Gloves Uncommon
  • +10 leadership
  • +10 loyalty gain
A good crew respects a job well done, and these prove you know your way around a crime-in-progress.
BonusItems Golden pocket watch.png Golden Pocket Watch Uncommon
  • +20 initiative
  • +3 movement
What's that old quote? Oh, right. "Punctuality is the soul of business." Stay ahead of the competition.
BonusItems Stethoscope.png Stethoscope Uncommon
  • +30% max health
  • +5 defense
When the heat of battle causes that blood pressure to rise, be sure to check in on the old ticker with your lightweight, durable stethoscope.
BonusItems DiamondRing.png Diamond Ring Uncommon
  • +5 initiative
  • +10 melee
Dazzle them, then remind them how you came to afford this.
BonusItems GunMaintenanceToolkit.png Gun Maintenance Toolkit Uncommon
  • +25 marksmanship
  • +15% chance to crit
  • +10 crit damage
A lot less can go wrong with a well-loved gun.
BonusItems OldBoxingGloves.png Old Boxing Gloves Uncommon
  • +20 melee
Boxing gloves makes punching more deadly and that's a provable medical fact.
BonusItems AceOfSpades.png Ace of Spades Uncommon
  • +10 loyalty gain
  • +10 initimidation
A welcome addition to anyone's hand.
BonusItems LuckyRabbitsFoot.png Lucky Rabbit's Foot Rare
  • +20 initiative
  • -20 injury chance
You're not sure why, but people seem to think this rodent's foot was particularly lucky.
BonusItems Rosary.png Rosary Beads Rare
  • +10 initiative
  • +5 defense bonus
  • +15% max health
Whether or not God's actually on your side, at least these make you feel better.
BonusItems HiddenKnife.png Hidden Knife Rare
  • +15 melee
  • +15 intimidation
The threat of unexpected violence is enough to have people second-guess a fight. When it comes to you, they know the threat's a reality.
BonusItems CombatTrainingManual.png Combat Training Manual Rare
  • +10 marksmanship
  • +10 leadership
  • +10 intimidation
Combat's combat, whether you're training for European trenches or domestic city streets.
BonusItems TarnishedLocket.png Tarnished Locket Epic
  • +10% max health
  • +10 defense
Someone special gave you this. Treasure it.
BonusItems WornTeddyBear.png Worn Teddy Bear Epic
  • +15% max health
  • +5 defense
  • +10 initiative
Whoever owned this teddy bear really loved it. Take good care of it.
BonusItems EngravedPillBox.png Engraved Pill Box Epic
  • +5% max health
  • +5 defense
  • +5 initiative
  • +2 movement
Are these pills healing you or preserving you? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
BonusItems CustomLighter.png Custom Lighter Epic
  • +20 leadership
  • +10 loyalty gain
You'll jump at every chance to light someone's cigarette just to show off your fancy lighter.
Influence BuisnessCard.png Bone White Business Card Rare
  • +15 initiative
  • +10 leadership
  • +10 intimidation
  • +10% crit damage
It ain't what you know that matters in this town, it's who you know.
Influence Handbag.png Glamorous Handbag Epic
  • +25 melee
  • +20 crit defense
  • +20 knockback chance
  • +20 melee damage
What's inside? Barrettes or Berettas? Who can say for sure.

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