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Empire of Sin
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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Romero Games and Paradox Interactive to describe the game design in detail.

Base game[edit]

All developer diaries about the base game during its early access period.

No. Title and Link Description Date
17 Boss Spotlight: Sai Wing Mock AAA 2020-11-12
16 Your starting crew AAA 2020-11-04
15 Boss Spotlight: Angelo Genna AAA 2020-10-29
14 Boss Spotlight: Maggie Dyer AAA 2020-10-15
13 Boss Spotlight: Stephanie St. Clair AAA 2020-10-01
12 Boss Spotlight: Al Capone What was 1920's Chicago actually like? Empire of Sin Game Director Brenda Romero sat down and had a chat about the real history of Prohibition with a Pulitzer-prize finalist, Daniel Okrent - author of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. 2020-09-17
11 Boss Spotlight: Elvira Duarte A self-made Madam that built her empire from the ground up, with nothing but her own will and determination. Elvira Duarte is based on John Romero’s real life great grandmother, and a real life gangster too! Have a gander at this Boss Spotlight, where John and Brenda Romero accompanied by Katie Gardner talk about Elvira Duarte, Missions and RPG elements in Empire of Sin! 2020-09-03
10 Boss Spotlight: Dion O'Banion Good business is about making your own opportunity, and this mobster sure knows good business. Brenda Romero, Chris King and Katie Gardner take to the streets of West Loop to talk about Diplomacy and to have a sit down with Dion O'Banion - a devout catholic and florist with a predilection for violence, thievery, and deception. 2020-08-20
9 A Real Swell AMA! AAA 2020-08-06
8 Economics ABC AAA 2020-07-30
7 A Strategic Start AAA 2020-07-16
6 Boss Spotlight: Daniel McKee Jackson Let's take a stroll to Near South Side for another Boss Spotlight! Brenda Romero, Chris King and Dave Ryley spill the beans on Daniel McKee Jackson - a funeral director gone mobster boss - as well as on Faction AI! 2020-07-02
5 Boss Spotlight: Mabel Ryley Don't let her appearance fool you, boss. Mrs Ryley here can be just as vicious as she can be kind. Game Director Brenda Romero and Principal Combat Designer Ian O'Neill tell us all about mobster boss Mabel Ryley. 2020-06-18
4 Boss Spotlight: Joseph Saltis From Budapest to Chicago, this wise guy knows a good opportunity when he sees one. Game Director Brenda Romero and Lead Writer Katie Gardner spill the beans on mobster boss Joseph Saltis, aka the Beer Baron of South Side. 2020-06-04
3 Boss Spotlight: Frankie Donovan Look out, Chicago! Game Director Brenda Romero and Principal Combat Designer Ian O’Neill give us the lowdown on mobster boss Frankie Donovan and his crew The Donovans. 2020-05-21
2 This is Romero Games AAA 2019-07-31
1 Why Brenda Romero Needed to Make Empire of Sin AAA 2019-07-05


Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various aspects of the game.

No. Title and Link Description Date
3 Empire of Sin - Pre-order trailer Does Goldie Garneau have what it takes to run the criminal empire? Will Al Capone see through her vicious plans? Take over Chicago and become a kingpin of the underground, prohibition-era business! 2020-09-17
2 Empire of Sin - Gameplay trailer Pre-beta gameplay footage 2019-08-19
1 Empire of Sin - Announcement trailer Empire of Sin - a character-driven strategy game set in 1920s Chicago 2019-06-11
No. Title and Link Description Date
2 Game Pillars - Combat As a boss you need to be ready to get your hands dirty. Combat in Empire of Sin is turn-based, and there's a lot to it! In this video, we tell you about crew specialties, boss abilities, hit points and all you need to know to master combat in Empire of Sin. 2020-11-10
1 Chicago Chronicles - The Tutorial An original Scarface and a symbol of a prohibition-era crime boss - yes, that's Al Capone! Join Brenda Romero and Ian O'Neill as they venture through the game tutorial, laying the cornerstone for their Empire of Sin! 2020-09-11